Seamless delivery of evaluated credentials to US universities from India March 14 2017, 0 Comments

Many Indian students applying to US universities need to get their education credential evaluated with a accredited credential evaluation service. Students need to send official transcripts of their education from the Indian university to credential evaluation agencies.


Now with online transcripts facilitation service, students can seamlessly deliver transcripts from India, send them to credential evaluation and from there send the credentials to multiple US universities at ease with online processing.


Credential evaluator's application

1. Create an account through credential evaluator's website

2. You will receive an email on your account creation. Click on "order an evaluation" link from the email.

3. Login with your email and password. Enter your personal information, educational background, evaluation degree, pay the service fee and submit the application.

4. You will get a 7 digit reference number (Reference #) on submitting the credential evaluation application.

5. You will need to send them official transcripts from the university in which you have completed your education.


ClearTranscripts application

6. Now from Fill in the online request and complete the checkout process to place an application. Mention  Reference # in the shipping address.


7. Send scanned copies of degree certificate and marks sheets to with your application number in the subject of the email.

8. Check the status online through the webpage

9. Cleartranscripts will send the official transcripts from the university to ECA address. Wait until you see the application status  and shipping status as "delivered". You will receive an email with subject "Shipping Confirmation" indicating that ClearTranscripts has handed over the transcripts envelope for delivery to the logistics company.