A Snowfall in October February 20 2017

It was the fall season of 2014; Massachusetts region had seen one of the highest snowfall of the decade, a record six feet of snow. I had enrolled in an MBA program at Bentley University in Waltham MA. It was at that time I received a call from a professor at Columbia University. She was a graduate of a University in Bangalore and she had lost all her mark sheets. She had great difficulty in getting her transcripts as she had no documents except for the registration number of the undergraduate course. Obtaining these documents was critical to her as she had to submit them to her employer for verification. She had reached out to friends and relatives but no help could be sought. A ClearTranscripts P2P associate managed to obtain her duplicate mark sheets and the transcripts by working with the university office although it took quite some time to wade through the hurdles. Since then, ClearTranscripts P2P logistics platform has helped over 8000 alumni most of whom are non-resident Indians or those remote from their University in obtaining their transcripts and other educational records.

 We are still in the early stage of the journey; there are over three million non-resident Indians who struggle to get their educational records.  

The latest GRE enrollment statistics shows (see pic above) that in the last two years there has been a 30% increase in applicants from India who want to study abroad. India’s higher educational institutions get about 35 million student enrollments every year. There is a large potential increase in enrollment that is coming on the way see slide deck here. Many students migrate within India towards Tier-1 cities in west and south looking for jobs. Getting their educational records for employment verification or higher education is a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Our soon to be launched EduExchange software will help alleviate some of these challenges in educational records delivery. This software will be beneficial to students and alumni who can now order their transcripts and all other educational records straight from their educational institute website. It will be beneficial to educational institutions as they can reach out to all their alumni to get requests for educational records online. It will be beneficial to employers, admission officers, and credential evaluation agencies as they can get the documents direct from the source with added traceability.  The only thing that is permanent is change. Faster adoption by educational institutions is the key to the transformation of the beleaguered educational records delivery process.

What do the six feet of snow and transcripts delivery have in common? The answer is obvious, clear road needs the snow to melt. We see the adoption of the software in two forms: In the first form, EduExchange software can be directly used by educational institutions to receive online requests from students and alumni. Optionally, educational institutions can avail our 3PL services for student care, document verification, packaging and delivery. In the second form, we can work with the educational institutions or governments to enable Vidhyarthi Sahaya Kendras, a shared student facilitation center across educational institutions where students can avail all services under one platform. Such help centers will lead to greater course enrollment, exam registration, and ease of accessing student records.