Why do we ask for clear documents? March 14 2017

Many applicants ask us why we need clear scan copy of the documents to process the application forward.

This is a  question which we have pondered over during process design. Transcripts processing is a time consuming and costly process. Typically, takes between 2 weeks to 12 weeks from submission at source institution to clearance at recipient institution. Any small mistake during this process will lead to rejection and thus wastage of your valuable of time and money.

Transcripts application sent to the source institution in India or the recipient institution abroad can get rejected due to the following reasons:

1. Application is incomplete

Source and Recipient institutions have strict document requirements to issue transcripts. Similarly, credential evaluators have strict requirements for each source institution transcripts. For example: Take the Mumbai University transcripts documents to be sent to ECA. All BA/BSc/BCom degree applicants need to send 1st to 4th semester to be sent from the college and 5th and 6th semester from the University. B.E degree applicants need semester 3rd to 6th from College and 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th from the University. See the post here

2. Documents sent in the applications are not fit to issue transcripts

Applicants send us documents which are either photos, blur unreadable copies of the original, truncated documents with either one of the edges and content missing, the scan document is too small as compared with the original.  University Seal is truncated or missing. Dark patches and shadow on the documents.



We make sure these documents don't go as is to the source and recipient institutions because you are bound to lose your money if your application gets submitted. Calicut university transcript costs an average of Rs.25000 to Rs.40000, foreign credential evaluation applicants spend $250 upwards towards their application. Average processing time is 4-6 weeks.

Our process specialists ensure that your documents are proper, as per the documents required by the source and recipient institutions. Applications we send to institutions abroad have very low rejection rates for the same reason.  

We request you to send clear scan copies of the documents. If they are oversized documents please take your documents to a business center, typically FedEx/UPS have stores with document reducers. Take clear copies of the documents and send them to us.  

Now you can simplify the submission of the applications by booking a time slot with us through this link.



Please keep your originals ready and be near a scanner or a smartphone with a good camera and lighting, you can send the documents during the call, we will accept them and process your application forward immediately.

Hope this post will help you to process applications faster. We wish you the best in your immigration or higher studies application.


Verification Team.