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Procedure for obtaining transcripts for Mumbai University credential evaluation for higher education or immigration to US and Canada.

Mumbai University Transcripts Procedure

The process for Mumbai University transcript need to be attested by either the University or College or both based on which degree you have completed.

1. First step you will need to choose whether you want to apply for transcript or attestation. Transcripts can be directly applied at University of Mumbai office however the process takes 2-3 months duration. Alternately, attestation of documents in a sealed envelope is a faster process. Attested documents in sealed envelope from the University and the College are accepted worldwide by institutions. I am mentioning here the process for attestation:

2. Take original documents to the college.  Pay the necessary fees for the transcript attestation. The fees varies between Rs.1500 per document to Rs.50 per document. Take number of sets of xerox copies of mark sheets along with you and an envelope. 

3. Get the xerox copies attested by the Registrar or the Principal after showing the originals. Get the signature and seal of the Principal on the sealed envelope after placing each set in a separate seal  

4. Take new sets of xerox copies and the originals to the University office and University Students Welfare Division, next to Sydhnem College, Churchgate. Pay Rs.100 university fee per set. The documents need to be taken between 11am to 2pm only. Ensure the documents are placed in a sealed envelope and the reverse flap is sealed and signed. 

5. Please write full name and address of the University on the envelope.

6. Send the two envelopes to your ECA for processing.



How do I validate if my transcripts are genuine?

UNIVERSITY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: For genuineness check please make sure you receive an acknowledgement issued by the university. 

COLLEGES DO NOT ISSUE ATTESTATION WITHOUT VERIFYING ORIGINALS: Colleges do not issue transcripts without validating with the orignal documents.