FAQ on Bangalore University Transcripts April 09 2015, 0 Comments

Frequently asked Questions useful when applying yourself

Note: cleartranscripts can assist you in simplifying this process.

1. What is the procedure for autonomous college applicants?

Autonomous colleges maintain there own mark sheet records. Therefore, you will need to get transcripts applied and collected for mark sheet from the autonomous college. Popular Bangalore autonomous colleges are Christ college, St. Joseph's College, Jyotinivas college, Mount carmel college.

2. I studied in a college outside Bangalore district, how do I apply for it?

The procedure is the same for colleges outside Bangalore district. You will need to get the application form signed from the college. Our application assistance will help you here.

3. How do I validate if my transcripts are genuine?

For genuineness check please make sure you receive an acknowledgement issued by the university. Please be aware there are touts who use fraudulent means such as paying bribes to get transcripts soon. They offer express service with 3-4 days delivery that does not exist with the University. Now typically when bribes are paid connivance leads to fraud by taking shortcuts to bypass the process. You can risk immigration or higher education life ban if you go with these routes. We at ClearTranscripts, follow regular process and provide you a copy of the acknowledgement for each application.  

4. I am in an extremely urgent situation, how can I speed up the process?

You can always reach out to our customer service and we will help you to reach to officials in Bangalore University who can do it faster on your personal request.

5. Do you offer cash on delivery service?

We are testing out cash on delivery. If you are in need of it, please reach out to our customer service.


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