P2P Logistics Services for University Transcripts -Tamil Nadu Diploma Transcripts Procedure February 22 2017, 1 Comment

Here is the procedure to get transcripts from Tamil Nadu Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) 

1. Make a plain paper application requesting transcripts addressed to The Chairman, Board of Examinations, Directorate of Technical Education,Chennai -25.

2. Take Xerox copies of all certificates for which transcript attestation is needed. Attach one extra copy than the transcript sets needed.

3. If you have completed in the last 10 years take a DD for Rs.200 per mark sheet or certificate. If you have eight certificates and one diploma the fees is Rs.1800

4. If you have completed before 10 years take a DD for Rs.300 per mark sheet or certificate. 

5. Fill the challan online through this page 

6. Take a print out of the challan and submit to Directorate office: SARDAR PATEL ROAD,  GUINDY,  CHENNAI - 600 025