P2P Logistics Services for University Transcripts -Andhra University Transcripts Procedure February 22 2017, 21 Comments

P2P Logistics Services for University Transcripts

Here is the procedure to obtain Andhra University Transcripts:


1. Fill in the requisition form for Official Transcripts available at the Andhra University, Vishakapatnam office

2. Pay a fees by DD in the name of The Registrar, Andhra University for Rs.50 per document as fee for first five years and additionally a penalty fee of Rs.50 per year after fifth year per document since the year of graduation. For consolidated marks memo, pay a fee of Rs.50 per year per semester. See the DD fee calculation sheet  here

3. Submit the DD with the requisition form at the counter and collect a receipt

4. Submit the receipt along with xerox copies of all marks memos and degree certificate placed in a envelope to Controller of Examination office, 2nd Floor, Andhra University 

5. Collect the sealed envelope from the same office in 5 working days