Obtaining transcripts for Canada Immigration from India June 21 2014, 119 Comments


Here is the procedure to order Indian University transcripts and send them to your credential evaluator (example shown: WES Canada) for the purpose of Immigration.


Your Credential Evaluation application

1. Create an account through the credential evaluator website. For example: For WES you can do it throughhttps://www.wes.org/ca/apply/cicapplication.asp?

3. Login with your email and password. Enter your personal information, enter educational credential - your degree name, university, institution type, years attended, and year degree was awarded. Repeat this for Bachelor's and Master's degree. Choose local or international courier for delivery based on your current location. Pay the service fee and submit the application. 

4. You will get a 7 digit reference number (Reference #) on submitting the credential evaluation application.

5. You will need to send them official transcripts from the university in which you have completed your education. This where ClearTranscripts will assist you.


ClearTranscripts application

6. Now from cleartranscripts.com choose the university for which you need transcripts. Fill in the online application and complete the checkout process to place an application.  Refer the links below for procedure for each university. Mention Reference # in the shipping address. Choose the credential evaluator shipping address in the dropdown menu. 

7. Download the  Academic Records Request form from the credential evaluator website. Fill and print the document. Sign in blue pen. For example:  In case of WES, Download form here: https://www.wes.org/ca/application/wescaapplication.pdf

8. Attach scanned copies of degree certificate, marks memos, academic records request form and signed authorization form to the same email and send it to customerservice@cleartranscripts.com with your application number in the subject of the email.

9. Check the status online through the webpage http://www.cleartranscripts.com/pages/application-status

10. Cleartranscripts will facilitate the official transcripts from the university to credential evaluation agency shipping address. Wait until you see the application status  and shipping status as "delivered". You will receive an email with subject "Shipping Confirmation" indicating that ClearTranscripts has handed over the transcripts envelope for delivery to the logistics company.

11. When Credential Evaluator receives your documents they will send a confirmation email. For example, when WES receives your documents you will receive an email with subject EVALUATION UPDATE indicating that WES has received all the documents

12. When the evaluation is complete you will receive an completion email notification from the credential evaluation agency. 


Reach us now:


India Callers: +918030752740 (9:00am - 6:00pm IST Monday to Friday)

International Callers: +19174844990 (11:00am - 8:00pm EST Monday to Friday)  

Email: help@cleartranscripts.com


Please note:

Steps mentioned above are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to your credential evaluator's website for the actual process. 

We provide the service for official transcripts delivery only out of all the documents required by your ECA, there might be other requirements for documentation from ECA. Please look up their website for the documentation requirements.

We do not represent any credential evaluation agency or the University in India. We are a third party providing logistics services to facilitate delivery of transcripts for students who are unable to travel to their alma mater. 


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