P2P Logistics Services - How to apply for Bangalore University Transcripts? February 22 2017, 0 Comments

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Bangalore university is a public state university established in 1886. The university operated from central college campus and then since 1973 moved to 1100 acre jnana bharati campus. The university has 654 affiliated colleges, 3.5 lakh under graduate students, 11 thousand post graduate students. 



Here is the procedure to obtain official transcripts from Bangalore university. 


1, Fill in the official transcript application form. Application form is placed here.


fill in your name, address. register number these can be more than one, semester and year of exam, purpose (immigration/higher education) etc, your address (local or abroad address). Place your signature at the bottom.

 2. Take a DD in the name of "The Finance Officer, Bangalore University" for Rs.440. Additional application form fee of Rs.45 should be included in the DD if you are not buying from Pariksha bhavan office.

3. Write the following on the back of the DD  your name, registration number, purpose, course, college name and contact number.  Collect the computerized receipt from the DD section. You can also do this in central college campus.

3. Make an application packet with the following documents: DD, clear xerox copies of all the mark sheets. and degree certificate. Provide those many set of mark sheets as transcript sets needed. 

4. Provide envelopes for each set of transcripts

5. Go to the college and get the application signed by the Principal / Chairman / Vice Principal. Pay the necessary searching fee by DD to the college. Varies between Rs.200 to Rs.800

6. Submit the application with the document set at Pareeksha Bhavan, Jnana Bharathi campus, Bangalore University

7. Collect the certified transcripts in sealed envelopes after 4-6 weeks from the same office



Sample transcripts here