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It was the fall season of 2014; Massachusetts region had seen one of the highest snowfall of the decade, a record six feet of snow. I had enrolled in an MBA program at Bentley University in Waltham MA. It was at that time I received a call from a professor at Columbia University. She was a graduate of a University in Bangalore and she had lost all her mark sheets. She had great difficulty in getting her transcripts as she had no documents except for the registration number of the undergraduate course. Obtaining these documents was critical to her as she had to submit them to her employer for verification. She had reached out to friends and relatives but no help could be sought. A ClearTranscripts P2P associate managed to obtain her duplicate mark sheets and the transcripts by working with the university office although it took quite some time to wade through the hurdles. Since then, ClearTranscripts P2P logistics platform has helped over 8000 alumni most of whom are non-resident Indians or those remote from their University in obtaining their transcripts and other educational records.

 We are still in the early stage of the journey; there are over three million non-resident Indians who struggle to get their educational records.  

The latest GRE enrollment statistics shows (see pic above) that in the last two years there has been a 30% increase in applicants from India who want to study abroad. India’s higher educational institutions get about 35 million student enrollments every year. There is a large potential increase in enrollment that is coming on the way see slide deck here. Many students migrate within India towards Tier-1 cities in west and south looking for jobs. Getting their educational records for employment verification or higher education is a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Our soon to be launched EduExchange software will help alleviate some of these challenges in educational records delivery. This software will be beneficial to students and alumni who can now order their transcripts and all other educational records straight from their educational institute website. It will be beneficial to educational institutions as they can reach out to all their alumni to get requests for educational records online. It will be beneficial to employers, admission officers, and credential evaluation agencies as they can get the documents direct from the source with added traceability.  The only thing that is permanent is change. Faster adoption by educational institutions is the key to the transformation of the beleaguered educational records delivery process.

What do the six feet of snow and transcripts delivery have in common? The answer is obvious, clear road needs the snow to melt. We see the adoption of the software in two forms: In the first form, EduExchange software can be directly used by educational institutions to receive online requests from students and alumni. Optionally, educational institutions can avail our 3PL services for student care, document verification, packaging and delivery. In the second form, we can work with the educational institutions or governments to enable Vidhyarthi Sahaya Kendras, a shared student facilitation center across educational institutions where students can avail all services under one platform. Such help centers will lead to greater course enrollment, exam registration, and ease of accessing student records.   



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Here is the procedure to get transcripts from Tamil Nadu Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) 

1. Make a plain paper application requesting transcripts addressed to The Chairman, Board of Examinations, Directorate of Technical Education,Chennai -25.

2. Take Xerox copies of all certificates for which transcript attestation is needed. Attach one extra copy than the transcript sets needed.

3. If you have completed in the last 10 years take a DD for Rs.200 per mark sheet or certificate. If you have eight certificates and one diploma the fees is Rs.1800

4. If you have completed before 10 years take a DD for Rs.300 per mark sheet or certificate. 

5. Fill the challan online through this page 

6. Take a print out of the challan and submit to Directorate office: SARDAR PATEL ROAD,  GUINDY,  CHENNAI - 600 025


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Vishvesvaraya Technological University is a premier public state university in Belgaum, Karnataka, India. VTU provides quality technical education through its 208 affiliated colleges to 67100 undergraduate students and 12666 post graduate students.


Procedure to apply for official transcripts:

  1. Fill in the VTU official transcripts application form
  2. Enclose Xerox copies of all mark sheets
  3. Enclose Demand draft for Rs.250 for first copy and Rs.150 for additional copy towards The Finance officer, VTU, Belgaum
  4. Submit these documents at the Registrar office VTU Belgaum Office.
  5. Collect the official transcripts from the same office


Sample transcripts




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ClearTranscripts is a simple, reliable, transparent service to obtain official transcripts from universities all over India. We are proud to inform you we can serve alumni from 88 universities from all over India today. We are also working to connect Indian educational insitutions into EduExchange platform. We are professional and committed to deliver your transcripts. Our applicants benefit by the simplified process, fast turnaround time and sheer convenience of single window application facility that we provide online and offline.

How does ClearTranscripts work:

1) You will make an online application through our website paying the requisite fee as mentioned online. This includes University fee + service charges + shipping fee + duties and taxes.

2) Our University Transcripts Management System (UTMS) will send you the list of documents to be sent to us by scan copy or by courier. The email has all relevant formats and documents. You will need to upload the necessary documents by replying to the email.

3) Your documents will be verified and an application packet prepared, please go through the document submission requirements here:
Document Submission Guidelines

4) Your application packet will be submitted to the University office. We collect sealed and stamped University envelope and ship to the address provided. We ship transcripts to over 20 countries worldwide including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle east etc.


Here are links to obtain transcripts from Universities all over India:

Andhra University Transcripts

Anna University Transcripts

Bangalore University Transcripts

Delhi University Transcripts

Mumbai University Transcripts

University of Mysore Transcripts

JNTU Hyderabad transcripts

Bharatiar University Transcripts

Cochin University Transcripts

Calicut University Transcripts

Tamil Nadu MGR Medical University Transcripts

Vinayaka Mission University Transcripts

Karnatak University Dharwad Transcript

Osmania University Transcripts


ClearTranscripts Reach Us Now

India callers: +918030752740 (9am-6pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 1pm Saturday)

International callers: +19174844990 (11am - 8pm EST all days)


Apply here for facilitation service:

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Many applicants ask us why we need clear scan copy of the documents to process the application forward.

This is a pertinent question which we have pondered over during process design. Transcripts processing is a time consuming and costly process. Typically, transcripts process takes between 2 weeks to 12 weeks from submission at source institution to clearance at recipient institution. Any small mistake during this process will lead to rejection and thus wastage of your valuable of time and money.

Transcripts application sent to the source institution in India or the recipient institution abroad can get rejected due to the following reasons:

1. Application is incomplete

Source and Recipient institutions have strict document requirements to issue transcripts. For example: Anna University Chennai needs about 10 documents to issue transcripts. Please see the post here. Similarly, World Education Services has strict requirements for each source institution transcripts. For example: Take the Mumbai University transcripts documents to be sent to ECA. All BA/BSc/BCom degree applicants need to send 1st to 4th semester to be sent from the college and 5th and 6th semester from the University. B.E degree applicants need semester 3rd to 6th from College and 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th from the University. See the post here

2. Documents sent in the applications are not fit to issue transcripts

Applicants send us documents which are either photos, blur unreadable copies of the original, truncated documents with either one of the edges and content missing, the scan document is too small as compared with the original.  University Seal is truncated or missing. Dark patches and shadow on the documents.



We make sure these documents don't go as is to the source and recipient institutions because you are bound to lose your money if your application gets submitted. Calicut university transcript costs an average of Rs.25000 to Rs.40000, foreign credential evaluation applicants spend $250 upwards towards their application. Average processing time is 4-6 weeks.

Our process specialists ensure that your documents are proper, as per the documents required by the source and recipient institutions. Applications we send to institutions abroad have very low rejection rates for the same reason.  

We request you to send clear scan copies of the documents. If they are oversized documents please take your documents to a business center, typically FedEx/UPS have stores with document reducers. Take clear copies of the documents and send them to us.  

Now you can simplify the submission of the applications by booking a time slot with us through this link.


Please keep your originals ready and be near a scanner or a smartphone with a good camera and lighting, you can send the documents during the call, we will accept them and process your application forward immediately.

Hope this post will help you to process applications faster. We wish you the best in your immigration or higher studies application.


Verification Team.


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Here is the transcripts procedure for obtaining Delhi University Transcripts.

1.  Download the application form from here. Fill the application form legibly with all details as asked for. 

2. Take one set of xerox copies of all mark sheets and degree certificate. Xerox copy of syllabus book or paper titles written in a plain paper and self attested. Filled Academic credential request form.

3. Please visit either of the following campus offices:

North Campus: Section Officer, Examination Branch III(ii), University of Delhi, North Campus, Delhi-110007.

South Campus: Section Officer, Examination Branch III, South Delhi Campus, University of
Delhi, Benito Juarez Road, New Delhi - 110021,

4. Take a DD for Rs.1000 for first set and each additional set Rs.100 if you have graduated in last 5 years otherwise DD for Rs.1500 for first set and Rs.100 per additional set. Include Rs.50 to Rs.100 for domestic delivery within India. Abroad students $50 per set.  DD should be in the favour of "Registrar, Delhi University".

5. Submit the application and collect the transcripts in 3-4 weeks.




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Here is the procedure for PRIST University, Thanjavur Transcripts

1. Fill in a plain per request for transcripts mentioning your course, registration number, college, year of enrollment and graduation and number of transcript sets required.

2. Take a DD in the name of The Registrar, PRIST University, Thanjavur for Rs.1000 per set

3. Take a xerox copy of all mark sheets and degree certificate

4. Submit the application packet with the request letter, DD and the xerox copy sets to the Registrar office at the University.

5. Collect the transcripts from the Registrar office in 3 weeks.


ClearTranscripts Reach us now:

India callers: +918030752740 (9am-6pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 1pm Saturday)

International callers: +19174844990 (11am - 8pm EST all days)


 Apply for facilitation service here:

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Bangalore university is a public state university established in 1886. The university operated from central college campus and then since 1973 moved to 1100 acre jnana bharati campus. The university has 654 affiliated colleges, 3.5 lakh under graduate students, 11 thousand post graduate students. 



Here is the procedure to obtain official transcripts from Bangalore university when you apply yourself. 


1, Fill in the official transcript application form. Application form is placed here.


fill in your name, address. register number these can be more than one, semester and year of exam, purpose (immigration/higher education) etc, your address (local or abroad address). Place your signature at the bottom.

 2. Take a DD in the name of "The Finance Officer, Bangalore University" for Rs.440. Additional application form fee of Rs.45 should be included in the DD if you are not buying from Pariksha bhavan office.

3. Write the following on the back of the DD  your name, registration number, purpose, course, college name and contact number.  Collect the computerized receipt from the DD section. You can also do this in central college campus.

3. Make an application packet with the following documents: DD, clear xerox copies of all the mark sheets. and degree certificate. Provide those many set of mark sheets as transcript sets needed. 

4. Provide envelopes for each set of transcripts

5. Go to the college and get the application signed by the Principal / Chairman / Vice Principal. Pay the necessary searching fee by DD to the college. Varies between Rs.200 to Rs.800

6. Submit the application with the document set at Pareeksha Bhavan, Jnana Bharathi campus, Bangalore University

7. Collect the certified transcripts in sealed envelopes after 4-6 weeks from the same office


Frequently asked Questions useful when applying yourself

1. What is the procedure for autonomous college applicants?

Autonomous colleges maintain there own mark sheet records. Therefore, you will need to get transcripts applied and collected for mark sheet from the autonomous college. Popular Bangalore autonomous colleges are Christ college, St. Joseph's College, Jyotinivas college, Mount carmel college.

2. I studied in a college outside Bangalore district, how do I apply for it?

The procedure is the same for colleges outside Bangalore district. You will need to get the application form signed from the college. Our application assistance will help you here.

3. How do I validate if my transcripts are genuine?

For genuineness check please make sure you receive an acknowledgement issued by the university. We at ClearTranscripts, follow regular process and provide you a copy of the acknowledgement for each application.  



Sample transcripts here





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There are two procedures for obtaining the Kerala University transcripts.

Option 1: Issuance of transcript on the transcript format of Kerala University.

This is a time consuming process as the University needs self typed transcript documents to be error free. Typically total time from the date of receiving application to getting the transcript from University takes 6-8 weeks.

1. Take xerox copies of all mark sheets and degree certificate

2. Take the Transcript Application Form from the registrar office and fill it in.

Downloadable here

3. Take 10th and 12th Mark sheets xerox copies

4. Fill in a transcript format document from a nearby xerox shop or alternately type it out yourself

5. Take a DD in the name of The Registrar, Kerala University for Rs.1000 per set, write the name of the applicant and the purpose on the reverse of the DD

6. Attach a self addressed envelope with sufficient stamp value to receive articles by registered post



Option 2: Get the transcript issued on attested mark sheets

This is a shorter process and the time taken is 2-3 weeks in this process. The transcript documents are attested and issued on the xerox copies of the mark sheets. These transcripts are then sealed in an envelope before dispatching to recipient university. These attested transcripts are accepted worldwide by several institutions.

1. Take xerox copies of all mark sheets and degree certificate


2. Take 10th and 12th Mark sheets xerox copies

3. Take a DD in the name of The Registrar, Kerala University for Rs.1000 + Rs.300 per document per set, write the name of the applicant and the purpose on the reverse of the DD

4. Attach a self addressed envelope with sufficient stamp value to receive articles by registered post



 ClearTranscripts ( will process the transcripts from Kerala University as per the second option to reduce the time for processing the transcripts.


Reach us now:

India callers: +918030752740 (9am-6pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 1pm Saturday)

International callers: +19174844990 (11am - 8pm EST all days)